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Technical requirements for advertising

Transparency, Shades, Masks and Fountain Fill effects with the increment of more than 256.   The ‘Break Apart’ command shall be executed for the Blend, Contour, Envelope, Perspective and Extrude effects. Texture fills shall be rendered to Bitmap (CMYK, 300 dpi). If the one hundred percent black (C0M0Y0K100) fill occupies a large area (more than 30% of the layout area), it should be rendered to composite black, for example (C40M40Y50K100).


The Total Ink Limit (CMYK) shall not exceed 300%.


NB! The use of the Cyrillic alphabet in file names is totally unacceptable!  File names must contain only Latin letters and numerical symbols. It is not allowed to insert graphics (pictures, photos, logos) into text file formats!


  • The number of printed characters for text layouts:

1/1 (page) — 3000 characters with spaces;

1/2 (half page) — 1200 characters with spaces.

The number of printed characters (letters) cannot be exceeded!


  • Misc.:

1. Compliance of your layout to the requirements above is a guarantee of a high-quality result.

2. If the layout is ready, the editorial office will make no changes.

3. Improvements to the layout are negotiated separately and extend the period of layout preparation.

4. The editorial office reserves the right to deny publication for reasons of non-compliance between the layout and the creative and ethical concept or technical quality of the magazine