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About the Magazine

‘A world without boundaries.  Freedom of choice and freedom to travel’ – this has been the motto of our publication, which has been an entertaining companion for our passengers and an efficient tool for our advertisers since 2001.

The Ural Airlines Magazine is a classical in-flight magazine placed in every passenger seat and intended to be read during the flight.  A unique feature of an ‘in-flight’ publication is that thanks to extended duration of contact with the readers, the information is perceived with particular attention thus making advertisements in these types of publications highly effective.   


Number of copies – 50,000.

  • The number of readers of each issue - more than 500,000 people – this is the airline’s passenger traffic during circulation of one issue.

Active target audience – affluent people and consumers of a wide range of goods and services.


On-line version of the magazine: www.issuu.com/uam.ru